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With over 10 years professional experience and countless repeat clients, my reputation for quality, efficiency and creativity are instrumental to my business. I specialize in music production as well as post production for radio, TV and film; commercial or personal. Operating as Landry Productions (Formerly Fort Worth Sound - Studio B), I primarily work out of the new Southside Recorders Studio in Fort Worth.


I offer Recording, Editing, Programming, Producing, Mixing and Mastering.  I'm happy to help with any or all of those steps. Call, message or email me with any questions about your next project!



In 2009, I attended the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood California. Prior to that, I had already been recording small projects but felt I needed to immerse myself in the industry and further my education. I made some lifelong friends as well as connections from all over the world. After returning from L.A., I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Award-winning producer Bart Rose and the rest is history!  Now I get to create music, collaborate with people and be proud of my work every day.

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"The album came out so good! So much if it was because of you bud, thank you so much for everything you did. You killed it bro, we've been singing your praises ever since! The record wouldn't be what it is without you and I won't do my next record without you! I feel like we worked really well together & you understood what we were trying to do. Seriously, I owe you so much & thank you again!"

-Brandon Steadman


"Recorded a purely percussion piece (taiko and bells) with Tanner. The environment is comfortable and Tanner makes the process easy going. He's very professional, easy to get along with, and willing to work with you on the sound you are looking for."

-Sean I.


Tanner's great to work with. State of the art stuff in a comfortable setting. Great guy, great service.:)

-Jim P.


"Tanner Landry is a consummate professional. He is extremely "studio" and "radio" friendly and does an incredible job on every project that he touches. He has a huge desire to make every song all it can be and he listens to input from his clients. He just worked with our client, Recording Artist Todd Barrow, on a song called "Hot Southern Night", which ROCKS!!! A great song for today's market . . . check it out on iTunes and Amazon. In addition, Tanner recently invested a great deal of his time and talent to helping us complete a video to support a song by Recording Artist Todd Barrow called "They Are Not Invisible", which speaks to the estimated 40K/200K veterans that sleep on our streets, in our parks and alleys . . . and eat from dumpsters. We at WCCMP will forever be grateful for the time and talent that Tanner donated for free to help our troops and their families. I cannot recommend Tanner highly enough. He cares and he does great work at competitive prices!! God's Grace; Gus & Lisa Wolman, Winners Circle Country Music Publishing, Marketing and Promotions (BMI)."

-Gus W.


I had the honor of working with Tanner on various industry cues and tracks for advertising companies. Tanner was not only a joy to work with, but he is extremely proficient in his knowledge of his equipment as well as bringing out the best quality sound in my voice. As an established industry professional, I can honestly say that Tanner is hands down a true talent. Hire him! You won't regret it :) -Aeralie Brighton, Award Winning Vocalist and Recording Artist (Xbox, Sony, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, BMI)

-Aeralie B.


Although it was a small, acoustic project, Tanner handled it with the utmost professionalism. His input (when requested) helped a lot, and he's just so easy to work with.

-Kent F.


I had a great experience at Fort Worth Sound Studio B. I am impressed with the state of the art equipment and a place to do what I love!

-Todd B.


Fort Worth Sound - Studio B is an amazing place to create music! Relaxed but professional - The equipment and personnel are top notch - the results are excellent. Highly recommend!

-David M.


Did excellent work for us and had a great time in the process. Was stress-free.

-Lager & the Fatties


I recorded a 4 song EP with Fort Worth Sound - Studio B, and loved every minute of it. The price wasn't too high, and was worth every penny. I ended up paying around $50 an hour for the studio's time. The only thing I didn't like was having to wait a month at a time to record, but that was because the studio was booked solid!

-James R.


I had the joy to record my bands EP with Tanner and along with a great personality, there's a definite passion in the music for him. He had amazing ideas that helped take our sound to another level, and we couldn't ask for better quality recordings. Highly recommend!

-Dally P.


I definitely love working with Tanner at Studio B Ft.Worth Sound! He's wonderful when it comes to producing. You can sit, side by side and tell him what you want, and it's magic! He listens well and gives his input on, how to make a song better!

-Robert T.


Tanner has quickly built a reputation in the music industry of the consummate professional who works in a collaborative way with artists to create an artistic, fun experience with amazing results. His work with local and Nashville artists, along with MTV and Dairy Queen, have expanded his areas of expertise to allow him to work with all types of individuals and projects. Everybody loves Tanner!"I call Tanner 'Super Producer' for he has mastered the creative, editing capabilities of the recording industry's standard medium: Pro Tools. Tanner's greatest gift is listening and facilitating the creative aspect of the recording process. I do not write, produce or record music without including Tanner in my final mixing and mastering process @ Fort Worth Sound."

-Mark D. Ingram


"I can't even explain in words how good it sounds....and that is all credit to Tanner Landry. He's incredible."

-Joshua Nix (Whisper War)


"Take my word Tanner Landry is well worth your time. He is great to work with, give him a shout!"

-Kevin Lorensen


Just lettin you know how great it was being helped by you.  You really listened to me and did a terrific job of creating what I was trying to describe.  Really amazed.

-Anne Longacre


"We've done some work there and it always comes out amazing, Tanner is a wizard on the boards!"

-Dustin Manko


"Tanner provided top quality service on short notice. He also provided follow up assistance and was very helpful with referrals and detailing what was necessary to complete my project. In one word, Professional."

-William Mitchell


"As far as I am concerned, he is my only recording engineer/producer from hence forward on all my projects."

-Larry Arnall

Fort Worth Recording Studio, Tanner Landry
Fort Worth Recording Studio, Tanner Landry
Fort Worth Recording Studio, Tanner Landry
Fort Worth Recording Studio, Tanner Landry



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